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What Is Beauty?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Let's talk about what beauty in essence really is :)

Hey everyone, so today I wanted to discuss the preconceived ideas and misconceptions of what people believe beauty to be today in our society. It is very common and still very difficult for those especially who either work in an industry where body image plays an essential role and is a key contributing factor regarding our mental health and personal self esteem, which we unfortunately tend to put a lot of emphasis on. We constantly compare ourselves to these role models who we look up to and are immensely influenced by. Considering we are inundated with social media feeds of beautiful and flawless representations of beauty, we are continuously striving for the standards of perfection that is highly unattainable and detrimental to the value of our own self worth. As the owner of Foxxyluxe Beauty, my brand is about encouraging others to speak their own voice, feel empowered and to acknowledge their own beautiful selves in a positive and uplifting manner. I wanted to share my thoughts and allow for open discussion on various topics with the wider community that will help encourage, empower or inspire you and particularly the younger generation with a personal approach and to come together as individuals to create lasting change.

So I wanted to ask these 3 questions and answer them with my own views and integrity. Feel free to answer these questions honestly and openly with yourself and your support network, and if any concerns resonate with you, I challenge you to work on these areas to better yourself and ultimately get to a healthier state of mind.

What is beauty? What does it mean to you? When do you feel your most beautiful and confident self?

I highly recommend to go deep within to recollect and find some special qualities about yourself, moments in your life where you’ve made a difference, accomplished something that made you super proud of your achievements and to ultimately look through your own perspective and think about the bigger picture overall to really define what beauty in essence is.

Here’s my take: Beauty comes in various forms and can be interpreted in many different ways. It starts with your beliefs, however, for me personally, it is rare, special, unique and refined. From the visual aesthetic we accumulate and experience in ours minds, to the wonderful artistic shapes and movement of conceptual and abstract imagery we come to comprehend, to the sweet and harmonious sounds of nature or music in our environment we discover and learn to enjoy, to the individual and unique characteristics that make us who we are today. Above all else, beauty is essentially created in the mind. It is a visual representation of what we perceive to be our standards that are worthy, considered and valuable. And although it can be a generalised view of what certain aspects are required in order to fulfil those standards, it doesn’t necessarily define who you are as a person nor should it ever lower your self worth. Beauty should be reflected in the way you think, speak, act and behave with genuine concern, thought and intent. Beauty always surrounds us. It is harmonious, a gesture, a breath of fresh air. It is kindness and filled with compassion, it is the people who leave an imprint in our lives, it is the precious and defining moments that come into our existence, it is meaningful, it is timeless and to be appreciated and remembered for.

I feel most beautiful and confident when I have taken the time to work on myself. Self growth and development are essential key areas of my life I like to dedicate my time and focus on the most. I like to go deep within my thoughts, reflect, centre myself, find stillness and peace, give gratitude, create harmony and balance in my life and reevaluate the words or emotions I give meaning to. Similarly, it is imperative to nourish and fuel my body and mind with healthy thoughts, nutritious meals and find purpose in my journey as well as to surround myself with exceptional people with heightened levels of passion, influence and energy. When I feel confidently beautiful in my own skin and the internal qualities of who I am as a person are reflected on the outside, that is when I feel most beautiful. And when I can inspire those around me, contribute, empower others, feel happiness, certainty, excitement, fulfilment and joy, that is when I feel my most confident self.

Hopefully this will help leave you in a better state, perhaps change your perception, realise that beauty is not only skin deep, and a message that will remind yourself to not put so much pressure on your mental well being and learn to embrace everything that is uniquely special about your own personality traits and your individuality. We were all born to be different, no two lives are meant to be the same, love yourself, love your body, be true, be kind, stay humble, contribute and serve others and you will find fulfilment and your purpose in your journey and the beauty in your own creation.

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