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"As an avid lover of eyelashes, it is my mission to find premium quality, high end, ultimate luxury 3D mink lashes to feature and bring to you in my first classic collection. With a diverse range of 10 unique styles, from subtle and natural to more fuller and glamorous, they will endeavour to suit the needs and desires of all clientele for various events, special occasions and everyday wear. Affordable, convenient and wearable up to 25+ times, providing a comfortable, soft and flexible cotton band; they are suitable for all eye shapes and can be customised to fit perfectly as close to your own lash line with ease. As well as being super lightweight and really fluffy, my eyelashes will float on top of your own eyelashes like clouds and you feel your most glam and most beautiful, radiant self."

"Lifts, curls and accentuates your eyes" - the magic of luxury lashes at your fingertips and the dream masterpiece to your own creation.

"Eyelashes are an extension of your natural beauty. It is an expression of how you feel, how you engage yourself in social and professional interactions, and brings out a vivacious energy of your personality whom everyone wants to be around. Flutter those lashes beautiful, you are ready to take on the world, to inspire, delight and be the Foxxyluxe King/Queen 

leader that you truly are!"

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